Anti-Smokers Kick Stossel Around Again

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. blathers, “John Stossel said on Fox that there is ‘no good data’ proving secondhand cigarette smoke kills nonsmokers. There is. So maybe you can see why serious people — a category excluding those who rely upon it for news and information — do not take Fox, well … seriously, why they dub it Pox News and Fakes News, to name two of the printable variations.” (Why serious people discount what Fox News says. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 26, 2015.)

There’s actually an excellent case to be made that the government lied, but John Stossel didn’t make it.

The anti-smokers’ beloved EPA report on secondhand smoke wasn’t even written by real EPA scientists – they were against calling ETS a human carcinogen. Instead, the report was written by handpicked anti-smoking activists to concoct a politically predetermined result. And, those anti-smokers used illegal pass-through contracts to a front man to conceal their role. And, on the board of directors of the crooked company that handled the pass-throughs sat both a prominent Democratic politician, and President George H.W. Bush’s campaign manager, Fred Malek. Malek was also a director of anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s company, ADP, and Lautenberg was a co-sponsor of the Radon Gas and Indoor Air Quality Research Act of 1986, under whose auspices the crooked EPA ETS report was written. That report is scientifically corrupt because it ignored the role of HPV in lung cancer, while using mainly studies from Asia, where the rate of HPV infections in lung cancers is especially high.

See how Stossel performed the obligatory denunications of smoking, and then obediently framed the issue as “Freedom versus public health” instead of “Freedom AND public health versus anti-smoker scientific fraud.” That’s the Official Anti-Smoker-Approved Fake Opposition, raising no issues of substance but guaranteed to incite plenty of knee-jerk PC hysteria. And this is how the mass media create the false impression that they air both sides of this issue, when they do not. (See the original PC tantrum over Stossel on Media Matters, Dec. 4, 2014.)

And the issue they ignore is far more serious than just the science: The U.S. government is deliberately committing scientific fraud in order to deprive innocent citizens of their liberties and property. And that is the most fundamental kind of civil rights issue, one which raises questions about the very legitimacy of government authority.

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