UK Government Tries to Incite Violence Against Smokers

“The public are encouraged to face punch #smokers if they dare light up in #Bristol” – TobaccoTactics UK

The UK’s National Health Service has resorted to the Nazi tactic of the pogrom to intimidate smokers! And the US government is sure to copy them if they get away with it!

Update: TobaccoTactics is run by the University of Bath’s Tobacco Control Research Group in its School of Public Health, among whom is Anna B. Gilmore, MBBS MSc PhD FFPH. Gilmore et al. have published a raft of tobacco control studies, including, “Support for a tobacco endgame strategy in 18 European countries.” It hardly needs to be said that “endgame” is the code word for outlawing tobacco.

Anna B. Gilmore at the University of Bath has received $1,290,944 from the US National Cancer Institute between 2011 and 2013, for the project “Tobacco Companies, Global Governance and Public Health.”

In 2014, she received a grant of £354,246 for “Understanding the impact of tobacco tax increases and tobacco industry pricing on smoking behaviours and inequalities,” from the UK National Institute for Health Research.

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