Media Scum Gloat Over New Orleans Smoking Ban

New Orleans Bars Issue Last Call for Smoking

Remember the truth about how they got their beloved “EPA” report on secondhand smoke. It wasn’t even written by real EPA scientists, because they were against calling secondhand smoke a human carcinogen, and said so in their reviews. Instead, it was written by handpicked anti-smokers of the most militant ilk, who used illegal pass-through contracts to conceal their role. And on the board of directors of the crooked company that handled the pass-throughs sat Fred Malek, who was both a director of anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s company, ADP, and the campaign manager for President George Herbert Walker Bush, by whose administration the fraudulent report was released. And the mass media have deliberately concealed the truth all these years so they can FORCE their political agenda on the American people. And THAT is how their fraudulent so-called science and equally fraudulent so-called democracy really operate!

The anti-smokers deliberately commit scientific fraud by falsely blaming smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection. It is NOT good enough to merely perform a charade by collecting every piece of anti-smoking garbage that supports their agenda. That is politics, not science. Real scientists also consider other possible explanations, which their ilk systematically eschew. REAL science proceeds in THIS MANNER: “Scientific proof of an hypothesis consists of elimination of all conceivable and reasonable alternative explanations, not in filling in the blanks in a prescribed set of rules.” (Wallace P. Rowe, Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USPHS, Bethesda, Md. Cancer Research 1965 Sep;25(8):1277-1282, pdf page 5.)

For the last six decades, their fraudulent enterprise at the Centers for Disease Control has performed a charade of filling-in-the-blanks with every piece of junk favoring their pet hypothesis of blaming smoking, while systematically ignoring the evidence that implicates infection. Then they pawn off the fraudulent results as supposed “science.” And every Surgeon General report is proof of their crimes.

They commit the same type of fraud with every disease and condition that they blame on smoking. “The reports of US Surgeon General on smoking are considered the authoritative statement on the scientific state of the art in this field. The previous report on nicotine addiction published in 1988 is one of the most cited references in scientific articles on smoking and often the only citation provided for specific statements of facts regarding nicotine addiction. In this commentary we review the chapter on nicotine addiction presented in the recent report of the Surgeon General. We show that the nicotine addiction model presented in this chapter, which closely resembles its 22 years old predecessor, could only be sustained by systematically ignoring all contradictory evidence. As a result, the present SG’s chapter on nicotine addiction, which purportedly “documents how nicotine compares with heroin and cocaine in its hold on users and its effects on the brain,” is remarkably biased and misleading.” (If the data contradict the theory, throw out the data: Nicotine addiction in the 2010 report of the Surgeon General. Frenk H, Dar R. Harm Reduct J. 2011 May 19;8:12.)

Our rights have been doubly violated by the United States government, because it has not just failed to protect the public against the scientific fraud committed by the CDC and every other agency that has been engaged in this issue; the Department of Justice has furthered and extended their crimes in its lawsuit against the tobacco industry. They should be forced to confess to their crimes, with the most massive publicity of which they are capable!

And, if people abused the Second Amendment the way the media abuse their First Amendment, they’d have their guns taken away. Not even the NRA would defend them. It’s time to hold the media accountable for their crimes against the American people! They are NOT the defenders of liberty that they pretend to be, they are now the worst enemies of all truth, freedom and justice. They broke this system, now they should have to pay the price. They should have their First Amendment abrogated, and they should be forced to tell the truth about the political corruption and scientific fraud of the anti-smoking movement, and about their own role in helping them get away with it all. They should have their content DICTATED to them by us, and they should be forced to publish it, again and again and again, just as they did with the anti-tobacco hate propaganda, until the public has been EDUCATED and knows the truth – THE WHOLE TRUTH.

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