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A Hidden Bias, Exposed

This is the most important study in many years, and we can expect the public health establishment to ignore it. They get their paychecks for blaming smoking, so they’d rather do things wrong, not right!

Assortative mixing as a source of bias in epidemiological studies of sexually transmitted infections: the case of smoking and human papillomavirus. P Lemieux-Mellouki, M Drolet, J Brisson, EL Franco, MC Boily, I Baussano, M Brisson. Epidemiol Infect 2015 Nov 20:1-10 [Epub ahead of print].

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The 2015 Gallup Poll

The latest Gallup poll, from July 8-12, 2015: First, the good news – the amazing jump in the proportion of smokers who do NOT want to quit smoking. They asked:

“All things considered, would you like to give up smoking or not?”
58% yes, 42% no

The percentage of smokers who answer “no” has more than doubled since 2011, when only 20% said no! And that 42% is the highest since Gallup began asking that question in 1977!

And the so-so news: The proportion of smokers wavers between 19-21% between 2012 and 2015.

In most things, there has been no progress. The same proportion of people, 80%, believe that smoking is “very harmful” in 2015 as in 2002. It would be nice to know how many still agreed if they knew how the anti-smokers falsely blame smoking for heart disease that’s really caused by cytomegalovirus. And furthermore, that they systematically commit the same fraud with every disease they blame on smoking. And furthermore again, they use the same fraud to falsely blame other aspects of peoples’ lifestyles for diseases caused by infection. And this fraud extends throughout the government’s evaluation of chemicals, the better thereby to create phony health scares and impose unnecessary regulations. (And industry never attacks the fraud because they use toxicologists who are cut from the same cloth as the fraudsters.) And they get away with it because nobody has ever uttered a peep of criticism about it. The only way to make change happen is by speaking out about THIS!

The bad news is that a higher percentage, 24% versus 14%, want to make smoking “totally illegal” than in 1990. But regardless of what the public wants, the FDA committee on tobacco (which is for all practical purposes nothing but another tentacle of the arch-criminals in the Office on Smoking and Health in the CDC) is making contingency plans to do so.

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Media Scum Gloat Over New Orleans Smoking Ban

New Orleans Bars Issue Last Call for Smoking

Remember the truth about how they got their beloved “EPA” report on secondhand smoke. It wasn’t even written by real EPA scientists, because they were against calling secondhand smoke a human carcinogen, and said so in their reviews. Instead, it was written by handpicked anti-smokers of the most militant ilk, who used illegal pass-through contracts to conceal their role. And on the board of directors of the crooked company that handled the pass-throughs sat Fred Malek, who was both a director of anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s company, ADP, and the campaign manager for President George Herbert Walker Bush, by whose administration the fraudulent report was released. And the mass media have deliberately concealed the truth all these years so they can FORCE their political agenda on the American people. And THAT is how their fraudulent so-called science and equally fraudulent so-called democracy really operate! Continue reading